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Congratulation to the following on passing their Trailer B+E Towing Test
Here are the most recent successful candidates

Will Miles who passed on 17th June 2013
Lizzie Burton who passed on 13th May 2013
George Pile who passed on 1st May 2013
Tim Milton who passed on 21st June 2013
Chris Milton who passed on 26th June 2013
Catherine Mills who passed on 2nd July 2013
John Mills who passed on 2nd July 2013
James Kiff who passed on 3rd July 2013
Ryan Wrench-Buck who passed on 17th July 2013
Becky Woolacott who passed on 25th July 2013
James Milton who passed on 31st July 2013
Daniel Pocock who passed on 12th August 2013
Andrew Iley who passed on 13th August 2013
Matthew Barrow who passed on 15th August 2013
Rebecca Eddy who passed on 23rd August 2013
James Eddy who passed on 23rd August 2013
Danielle Millman who passed on 4th September
Luke Tomkinson who passed on 4th September
Kieran Johns who passed on 11th September
David Cole who passed on 12th September
Alex Pointer who passed on 13th September
Catherine Lancaser who passed on 18th September
Jonathon Symonds who passed on 20th September
Philip Bailey who passed on 24th September
Andy Foxwell who passed on 27th September
Sam Becklake who passed on 2nd October
Harriet Bowden who passed on 10th October
Thank you very much Dave. I was so pleased to pass but it wouldn't have been possible with out you! You knew just what to do when i wasn't calm, picked up on all the things i needed to work on. Built up my confidence hugely and brought me bacon sandwiches. Thank you. I've already handed some business cards around because if i can do it and one can. Harriet
Abi Hill who passed on 18th October
Lauren Flawn who passed on 21st October

Katie Causier who passed on 5th November
Dan Williams who passed on 15th November
Emily Northam who passed on 21st November
Below is a testimonial from Emily Northam who passed her B+E trailer test recently
Thanks very much Dave for getting me through my trailer test, top quality instruction would recommend to anyone, even the examiner said you were a brilliant instructor! No pressure then! thanks again
Rob Southcott who passed on 11th December


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If you passed a car test before 1
January 1997 you keep your existing
entitlement to tow trailers until your
licence expires.

This means you're generally entitled
to drive a vehicle and trailer
combination up to 8.25 tonnes
maximum authorised mass (MAM).
Trailer Towing Training ONE 2 ONE Tuition
Courses are custom designed to suit client's individual needs!

Great value package deals starting from £445 inc Test.

Call Dave for more details on: 07810 738 331 or
click here to fill in our on-line form

What is included for £445
If you took your test after 1997
then you would most likely need
to do the B + E test if you wish
to tow a trailer.

David will teach you all you need
to know and do to pass your car
and trailer practical driving test -
Trailer B + E Towing Test.
David covers the whole of the West Country.

Call him for further information on
07810 738 331
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Trailer training - what is involved during your training sessions.

All David's training is flexible and tailored to suit the individual needs of each of his clients.
If you are working towards your towing test you will work on:
• Reversing in straight lines
• Reversing around corners and parking
• Coupling and uncoupling the trailer
• Covering the laws on towing
• Weight distribution
• Basic maintenance of your vehicles
• Keeping your vehicles roadworthy and legal
If you are new to towing or have not towed for a number of years but are not required to do the test,
David is happy to work on clients weaknesses and build on their confidence.
Payments can be paid per session or as a whole course fee.
• Fully qualified driving instructor
1-2-1 Training
• Full days training (unlimited hours)
• Pre-test lesson, use of vehicle and trailer during test
• Test fee included
• Courses can be adapted to personal requirements
Please Be Warned!

If you get stopped by the police and you are driving a vehicle/vehicle combination that is of a
different category to that shown on your licence you may be fined or have points added to your
licence or both.

Please make sure before you tow a vehicle you have the correct category on your licence or
that you have passed the required test.
Discounts available phone Dave for details
Trailer Towing lessons are fully Tax Deductible if you are Self-Employed or
run a company